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5 Steps to Dealing with Loneliness

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There are some who choose to be alone, but there are others who have it forced upon them. Whether the sudden death of someone you love, a divorce, or to be ignored by others, the dark isolation of loneliness drains the human soul of its vitality.

This is because we need the presence of others in our lives. Not necessarily all the time, but we do feed off the energy and personality of the people closest to us. When we don’t have it, and yet we still want it, the separation creates a unique form of sadness that we wear as a continuous weight.

Dealing with Being Alone

For some, the loneliness is selective. In other words, they’re daily around other people, for example at work, but they come home to a physical emptiness that only reinforces the emotional vacuum they always live with.

They try to watch television, get out of the house, or keep noise in the background, but loneliness haunts them. It’s not company they need, it’s relationship with purpose that they long for. Spouses, significant others, and children, are the close ties that help to define our daily lives.

5 Steps to Laying Aside Loneliness

If you’re in a season of loneliness, then it’s important that act sooner than later. The longer you linger in this dead emotional space, the more difficult it is break out of it. Eventually, your sadness becomes a sadistic form of comfort for you, and you’ll never leave it.

1. Eat & Train! Nothing will do more to change your emotional and psychological state than intense training (weights, cardio, crossfit) and healthy eating. If you do anything, do this!

2. Start engaging more in all your existing relationships. Stop holding back. Put yourself out there even more. Celebrate others. Make yourself enjoy all human engagement.

3. Crash your own pity party! As soon as you see those sad feelings sneaking in, then get up and say the opposite to yourself.

4. Begin something new. It could be a project, a degree, public service, or whatever. Launch something new and do it again whenever you’re able.

5. Don’t be afraid to invite someone else into your life. You never know who else could need someone right now. Nothing happens if you do nothing.

Life is too short to spend in seasons of sadness, and the world has more great things happening than you or I can fathom. Your goal right now is to first stop feeling sorry for yourself. After that, things get much easier. Metal up!

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